Looking for Laser Tattoo Removal Bellevue and Tattoo Removal Bellevue?

Tattoo Removal

A few factors must be considered when setting expectations for getting laser tattoo removal Bellevue. Older tattoos are easier to remove than newer ones and certain pigments respond better to laser removal than others. Fluorescent colors and lighter tints are least responsive to treatment. The type of ink used and the person who applied the design also play a role in how easy your tattoo disappears with laser removal Bellevue. Some inks create a paradoxical reaction, causing the skin to become darker instead of lighter. Also, tattoos applied by amateurs are easier to remove than those applied by a professional.

Our Physician Assistant will do an assessment and can advise you on what to expect based on your particular tattoo.

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Is the Procedure Painful?

The Caddell's Laser Clinic staff makes every effort to minimize discomfort during the procedure, but you should expect some pain with laser tattoo removal. Just as it was painful to apply the tattoo, you will have to endure moments of discomfort through the removal process. Tattoo removal by laser is most often described as a burning or stinging sensation. A local anesthetic can be used, and a topical cream is applied to help numb the area for the procedure. The numbing cream and directions for how to use it are included in the instructions for pre and post Laser Tattoo Removal Care Guide.


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